Rosa Alba Suaveolens

What a disappointment to smell a gorgeous rose only to find it has no scent!
One of the characteristics associated with roses, fragrance, was hybridized out of the modern roses in favor of flower, color and shape.

That’s why there always will be room in my garden for the once blooming old garden roses. They also produce more flowers and create a floral effect witch is beautiful, breathtaking and magnificent.

Other qualities that matters to me are the beauty of their flower forms, hardiness and the abilities to tolerate drought, heat, wind and poor soil. They thrive under difficult conditions.

And last but not least, the old one timers do not require a lot of spraying. They have stood the test of time and are very disease resistant.

One of my favorites – Rosa Alba Suaveolens. Isn’t she lovely?

Rosa alba 'Suaveolens' (29.6.2015)
Rosa alba ‘Suaveolens’ (29.6.2015)